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Paco Peregrín | THE Photographer

30 Mar

Yesterday I found out that I have a favorite photographer! I didn’t even imagine that I could have that!

By chance I found on some Facebook page an astonishing photo with his name on it. I went to his website and…WOW!

Paco Peregrín is such a talented and versatile photographer.  The pics are great! Strong poses, magnificent colors… Everything comes together in such a powerful way! It’s like you can feel the photos!

For your information, I was so overwhelmed that I actually made a fool of myself and send an email to Paco, just to say he was awesome! And you won’t believe this: he answered back, 1min after I sent it! How cool is that? I thought he was really nice, I wasn’t expecting an answer AT ALL! So… Just for that, he has one extra point! =)

Now, no more blabla’s. Just see the photos! It was so difficult to choose which ones to post here. Don’t miss the other ones – check his websites (below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Sorry about the slideshow thing. I had too many photos to show)


What do you think? Hate, like or LOVE?


Melissa Shoes | For Passionate Living

29 Mar

“Looking beautiful. Feeling fabulous. Expressing your individuality. Making ecological choices. These are all hallmarks of passionate living and they are all at the foundation of Melissa fashion shoes.”

Probably you already know MELISSA shoes. They are identifiable from miles away and they are everywhere! But maybe you should know more about these shoes.

Melissa is a Brazilian brand that offers comfortable, colorful, fashionable and trendy plastic shoes.

Facts about Melissa shoes:

  • Made from eco-friendly mono materials
  • Can be recycled
  • Completely cruelty free – no animal testing
  • Apparently they are really confortable and promised that you can walk miles with it, without feeling like someone is eating your feet alive!

“These fashion shoes are truly comfortable and will take you from long days at work to lunch with the girls, all night parties to the most glamorous of red carpet events.”


A lot of Celebs are already using Melissa Shoes:  Kate Perry, Agyness Deyn, Anne Hathaway, Alicia Silverstone, Cate Blanchett, Beth Ditto and Kate Moss.

And the well-known blogger – Chiara

Now, let’s talk about what really matters. The shoes are really beautiful, they look great; they make us beg for summer, BUT are they really comfy as they say?

Cause what I can guess is that some of them are waterproof (duh) and perfect to take to the beach, because they won’t get dirty and all that.  But I can’t imagine walking with some of them… Aren’t they going to suffocate my feet? It’s plastic!!

Anyway, I really like them and all the philosophy behind it (yes… now that’s starting to matter to people). I would like to know your experience about it… this might be my next “investment” for summer :p

Do you own ones? What do you have to say about it?

Which ones do you like?



Well this was an interesting turnaround! This post was about fashion and summer shoes, but in the meanwhile in the comments, the discussion was mainly about ecology! So the question was: How can PVC be eco-friendly?!

Actually that didn’t even crossed my mind, but it’s an interesting question. So I decided to search a little about MELISSA VS ECO-FRIENDLY philosophy.

Here it is was I found:

Eco Citizen: “Melissa’s Shoes are fairtrade and made with nearly zero waste in production. They are also 100% recyclable and made from a specially patented meflex plastic and a non-toxic and breathable PVC.”

Lucky Mag: “The materials now used in the production of their (Melissa’s) shoes are made from 30% recycled PVC, and a portion of sales is donated to the World Vision of Recife.”

Being 100% recyclable you can put them on a recycling bin when you feel like they’re not good enough for you anymore!

Now, I hope I helped somehow and I hope everyone is enlightened about how Melissa is eco-friendly! =)

Thanks for the question and thanks for commenting! :)

AD | AUDI release the hounds

26 Mar

AUDI did this great commercial for Super Bowl.

It’s a clever and funny ad about the getaway from a luxury prison.

In the meantime, they also call MERCEDES “Your dad’s car”, trying to say that MERCEDES can be a luxury car , but it’s just for old people! (kinda true)

“Escape the confines of old luxury. The new AUDI A8 is here. Luxury has progressed”

Don’t miss this video!


Which one would you buy (If you could afford it)?


Agent Provocateur | Adult Content º

25 Mar

Agent Provocateur’s campaigns for its  A/W 2010 and S/S 2011 collection are almost too sexy for this blog.

The name of this well known lingerie brand says it all and its campaigns really push up the limits.

Besides the photos, they made several videos with the models where they striptease in front of  a camera. The videos are edited to look amateur, despite looking really cool.

The outfits are beautiful and the photos are sassy and daring.

And now… THE VIDEOS!



I want comments about this!!! Before you go to Agent Provocateur’s website to see the other videos


Like | Geek style

23 Mar

SO COOL! I want one of these for my Blog!









This Like Button Tip Box was designed by Burak Kaynak and it tries to bring value to rating, literally! Basically in real world a like corresponds to a Tip. Real world, real rating, people!!!

But if you like this blog, you can “like” it the old fashioned way – let’s say Facebook –  here in This Amazing Link

iPad 2 | Apple gives iPad 2 after customer returned it

23 Mar

You won’t believe this story about an iPad 2 that was returned to Apple!

Apple has been really focused on all iPad 2 returns and reviews since its launch, in order to keep track of any problems, preview solutions and to provide a better customer service.

Anyway, there was a funny customer that returned his iPad 2 to an Apple store with a stick on it that said: “WIFE SAID NO”. Apparently his wife wouldn’t let him keep his new gadget for reasons that only they know…

But, luckily for him, some executives knew about this, thought this guy was really cool, and sent him a new iPad 2 with a new stick that said “APPLE SAID YES”! (If i were Apple I would write “Bitch say what?” )

With this simple gesture, Apple was able to:

  • Create buzz on the internet and other (less important) media :)
  • Make some people believe that they can have a free iPad 2 if they get creative
  • Show that the company and its executives are really nice fellows and an extra iPad 2 means nothing to them
  • Found a new way to give a finger to this guy’s wife
  • Maybe save a marriage
  • Give a hug to the said customer without looking gayish

So what did you think about this?

Lynx | How to use Augmented Reality

21 Mar

You have to see this video! This is a great example on how to use Augmented Reality.

Lynx (Axe), a brand that promises guys lots of girls, made an awesome street campaign in Victoria train station in London.

This campaign allowed the brand to interact with the public live and to create buzz.

“Once people stepped inside the special Lynx Excite box, each of the Lynx Angels would fly down and greet them – and it was all captured live on the huge screen on the station concourse.” Lynx Excite

With this, Lynx was trying to prove its theory that if you use Lynx Excite even angels fall for you. But instead of a simple boring ad on TV, they met people where they less expected and, at the same time, they entertained everyone around.

Don’t miss this astonishing video!

Liked it? If you were there would you get inside of the “lynx excite box” and shake that body with the angel?


If you’d like more information about the Brand, check their website:

Guess | New collection Ads

21 Mar

Guess what…? Guess decided to finally go sexy and chic this year…

Isn’t she beautiful? (try to avoid thinking about photoshop)


Fresh Fresh Fresh | Backless Pants

21 Mar

Well sometimes fashion designers exaggerate a little when they try to “think outside the box”, “be different” and create a trend. These are the freshly new backless pants. They are sober in the front and a party animal in the back… And the best part of it? It’s for guys!

I think I don’t have an opinion about this yet… But at first glance my reaction was “WTF!?!”

If you are the undecided type these “pants” will probably be good for you – Pants in the front and short-shorts in the back! No more indecision. Cool, huh?

What do you think about this “new thing”? Is it going to sell?


Hair | We’re on Hair

21 Mar

Hair trends are those trends which are (almost) never followed. Why? Because stylists push up a little when they think about hair…

So here are some examples of funky, sassy and sexy hair for this season.

Which ones do you like and which ones will you consider wearing?


Karen Walker | Sunglasses

16 Mar

Karen Walker Spring/Summer collection 2011

This is the Karen Walker’s sunglasses collection. It’s colorful and daring. It mixes modern patterns with old one’s, like the round shaped glasses, that are associated to John Lennon.


The sunglasses are cool, but my question is: Why can I see the reflection of the photography set on it? It is supposed to be cool?

By the way, i love the last ones, the orange!


Madame Boucherie | Wow… Just wow!

16 Mar

I was lucky to find this collection today (I know I’m a little late). I’m completely astonished… love the colors, the shapes, the way the clothes fit the sumptuous bodies. And just look at the details! How can they work this material (Yes, it’s latex) with such talent…?

Now, I leave you alone with this amazing look book. I think it talks for itself.

I love them all and love the pics. The colors, the outfits, the hair…

Can you believe that the latex is just cut and glued?

What do you think?

iPad2 | How to Turn it into a Fashion Accessory

16 Mar

This weekend Apple sold 500.000 iPads 2, mostly to new tablet owners. Can you believe that?

Apple sales increased over 67% comparing to the lauch of the iPad 1 (300.000)

Taking advantage of this craziness over the iPads and tablets overall, I gather some nice and functional accessories for your iPad, If you have one or if you thinking about buying it!


Fashion Apps

  • Gilt Group

Access to  top designers for men, women, children and luxury living.  All at up to 70% off retail.  Membership is free.  Sale alerts sent straight to your iPad so you never miss a sale.

  • Interview Magazine

This app it’s loaded with its next issue, which regular readers won’t see until April 12. And  there are plenty of extras like 330 screens of images and a video by Bruce Weber. Special edition price of 0,99$

  • The Sartorialist

With this app you can see all the photos from The Sartorialist and it’s free!

  • CameraBag

If you’re into street style, with this app you can edit your shots and upload them on the go.    2.99$

  • Gap 1969 Stream

Watch videos, put together outfit and shop…Free.

  • Vogue Stylist

Create personalized fashion and beauty looks based upon the top trends identified by Vogue Editors. See the items that you own styled with the latest fashion,accessories and beauty products from the brands in Vogue. Free.

  • TrendTracker

Trendtracker lets you keep track of the latest runway looks, fashion news, trend ideas and inspiration directly on your mobile phone or iPad.  View coverage of the latest fashion shows from New York, London, Milan, and Paris… Free.

The Man

The Nicholas Kirkwood | His collection “Shoes you”

15 Mar


Setareh Mohtarez | The Universe in your clothes

15 Mar


Easyjet | Fashion Flight

14 Mar

EasyJet, the low-cost airline, held on March 10th the first fashion show on board. The “Fashion Flight” departed from Lisbon to the fashion capital, Milan. The young designers (Rafaela Lourenço, Patrício Rema e Alyona Fedorchuck) were finalists at Escola de Moda de Lisboa (Lisbon Fashion School) and got  an opportunity to turn public their first Spring-Summer 2011 collection.

Easyjet’s marketing executive, Borja Lozano, said that “During the fashion week in Lisbon, EasyJet wanted to give visibility to three young designers from the Escola de Moda de Lisboa (Lisbon School of Fashion) that still have no place in the main events of national fashion, but here they had an opportunity to shine and be recognized by their work. EasyJet wants to support the future of fashion values ​​and reward the effort, through an innovative and pioneer way to present a fashion collection”

Designers’ creations:

Patricio Rema

The collection was inspired on the fashion designers Marko Mitanovski and Gareth Pugh and by the movie Edward Scissor hands. It’s a reflection about the young unemployment and precarious work and their judgment by society.

Rafaela Lourenço

Psicadelic Nature” is the collection’s name. It’s sassy and inspired by the trance culture and its connection with nature.

Alyona Fedorchuck

This collection theme is “Desert wind” and translates the serenity and depth of the desert, with neutral colors like beige, black and white.

What do you think? Talented?



Only for men | Women Magnet!!!

13 Mar

Hi guys!

This post was made just for you. Everyone knows that guys care about what they wear and how they look. Nowadays, brands are making a huge effort to know what’s hot at the moment and what’s going to sell. More and more, they are using trend hunters and social media to understand guys and girls, trying to define their style and their fashion sense.

As you may know, us girls, we dress to impress each other. But you guys… You dress to impress us! Maybe brands should start asking us what’s going to sell!

Anyway, I decided to give you a little help in this matter. So I searched a lot in different websites for people, clothes and outfits, colors and trends for this season.


Trench Coats








Shorts/ Sailor style

What to buy:

I hope you like it and I hope it helps you in some way. From now on, you won’t need AXE/LYNX  anymore! :P

A Lot of Colors of Benetton!

11 Mar

Benetton Spring/Summer campaign lives up to it’s essence: Colors.

The pics are just so full of colors and energy that they bring life to billboards on the streets. It makes us beg for summer to come really fast. I had to share it!

So what do you think? Is it feeling like summer already?



From Fashion Week to the Office

10 Mar

While  browsing photos from Paris and Milan fashion week,  I found interesting outfits to use during the day on the office. A chic and elegant option to sparkle your day-to-day work.

Now that you have a new vision of Autumn/Winter  trends, I hope you stop traffic on your way to work.

Just for guys | How to Dress to Impress

10 Mar

Coming soon!

New post about new fashion trends for guys.

Clothes | Accessories | Colors | Styles for next season.

Stay tuned!

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