Nail my Brand

3 Mar

If you love a brand so much, that you’re always talking about it, trying to sell its products to your friends or you just can’t pass a week without consuming some of its products, now you can take that fanaticism to the next level.

We present you the new trend in advertising – the NAIL-VERTISING. Apparently some nail stylist, Janet Riffe, created this new way of expressing your devotion. Janet paints the brand logos by hand, the rigorous details are unbelievable.

For the Fanatics

For the Now Generation

If you prefer a faster service, you have the opportunity to test the new nail printer – ARTPRO NAIL PRINTER V6.1. This machine prints on your nails any image you want, you just need to apply the base color, put your nail inside the machine and jackpot for you! Check out the video to see how the machine works.

For the Classic

But if you are a classy lady and you love Haute Couture brands, you also have the classic fashionista version of nail printing.

Sophy Robson created this unique nail décor for Elle Collections magazine.

What do you think? Would you wear one of this?

Source: Marketeer; artpronailprinter; highsnobette

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