Mystique and Jewelry

6 Mar

Bjorg Jewellery took a risk on the design of its new 2011 collection, creating a unique mix between a mystical concept and an organic design.

All the pieces are linked with myths and stories of the past. They’re full of hidden messages and secret words, leading the holders to a concept of a new imaginary world where poetry, magic and symbolic objects hold hands… And that’s the power of conceptual jewelry!

As the designers say: “The 2011 collection from Bjørg is in it self a journey. It’s a playful quest of a paradise lost to be recollected… The overall expression is raw, bold and playful, yet elegant and mesmerising. Most of the items works as unisex pieces, and holds a universal power and aesthetic, rather than confinement to gender or sex. By mixing traditional craftsmanship and mythology with more modern and urban concepts the collection speaks both of stories in the past and of the time to come. Secret words and messages can be found as cut out letters, embossed types and engraved poetry. What appears to be a classic pearl at first glance turns out to be a petit human skull at closer inspection. Crystals caged in triangle shapes and meteorite-like stone structures in gold constitutes a magic symbolism captured in secret codes and a forgotten language.”

The lookbook is just GREAT!


2 Responses to “Mystique and Jewelry”

  1. jo the carrot March 6, 2011 at 11:53 pm #

    Unbeliveable, I would mind gettin’ my hands in all those pieces. Can’t choose!

    • Fash&Mark March 7, 2011 at 2:44 pm #

      I know! it’s awesome, isn’t it?! love the ones with butterfly wings!*

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