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Does Sex Sell?

30 Apr

Today I just have a little question for you: Does sex sells?

Just see these ads and try to answer to this question!

Men underwear

Camera -” The fastest autofocus”

Shower gel

Jeans. My beloved Diesel :)

Fast Food

Oh my… Orangina is so fucking strange… I hate their advertising, cause it’s mainly about “sexy” animals. Who cares about sexy animals?!? creepo!!

Feet moisturizing



So funny… condoms too!

Men Underwear. This is the best! haha


Do I need to say the product here?

Pray for Rain! Magazine – Playboy

It’s Viagra ,baby!! (the bananas in the background are just confusing)

Lollipops… for adults I guess!

Gotta Love Someecards!

27 Apr

As today is a special day around here, I thought it will be nice to end with some funny pics related to the subject, directly from Someecards’ website. You gotta love this guys!

Hope you like it!

Thanks for visiting and commenting during Fash&Mark Environment Day!

Art, Fashion and Environment

27 Apr

On April 21st 2011 was the first anniversary of the BP environmental disaster and some artists infiltrated the Tate Britain Museam to protest! Apparently BP is a big sponsor of the institution and the artists want this partnership to end. So they covered a naked man in oil-like liquid on the classical sculpture exhibit room

Christine Esposito creates cool pieces with soda cans. Check her website for other products

Ana Yago and journalist Jose Antonio Gimenez have a design studio – Sanserif Creatius – where they create beautiful cardboard furniture. It’s ecological and pretty stylish.

Polish Designer Karina Marusinska creates jewelry with industrial waste. Sounds difficult? When I saw the photo of the pile of garbage I was shocked!!! So many things there! I’m glad someone decided to use it wisely…

Zoe Bradley is an awesome artist. He creates astonishing things with paper and he even worked for McQueen!

Love this idea! Art + Toys + Recycling

Christian Louboutin messed with garbage?! You have to see it to believe it!

ADS | Green Creativity

27 Apr

It looks an alien inside job, but it’s not! Mini just opted for a greener ad, literally!

Mini “From town to country and back again.”

When a printed paper ad is transformed into… nothing, that’s ecological, right? Clean ads are what we need!

I present you Rain-campaign. What is that? Basically, the ad is only seen when it rains or if anyone sprays it with water. Is obviously Eco-friendly as it avoids the use of paper or any other resources that affect the environment negatively!

And also cool concept is Sand Advertising. These 2 campaigns are both developed by Fresh Green Ads’ smart guys!

Conceptual campaign where balloons were put on cars, to show what Co2 does to the earth.

Reutilization at the highest level – Rona tried to highlight the company’s paint recuperation program, the billboard was placed under an Apple Nanochromatic placement and the slogan was “We collect leftover paint”. SO SMART!

Another cool one by Denver Water

Tropicana recently created a light billboard that was only powered by Nature. Well… to be more accurate, it was powered by oranges!

See the explanation on video.

Eco-minded Editorials

27 Apr

Despite looking kinda impossible to join awesome fashion concepts with boring sustainable ones – It’s not! Apparently there are a lot of photographers and magazines that can put it together perfectly!

Uk Vogue | Nov 09 by Tim Walker | “ Make do and mend”

Paper couture by Soon Tong

“From brown paper, toilet paper and tracing paper to old magazines and newspaper, this series is a nod to the sheer ubiquity of paper in urban life, and an indictment of its wanton waste.”

Photography / Soon Tong
Fashion & Creative Direction / Ashburn Eng
Model / Weronika H (Ave. Management)
Hair & Make-up / Chris Ruth
Text / Joyceline Tully
Assistant Designer / Shanna Matthew

Old Oil into Candles

27 Apr

The first time that I heard about this new product I was thrilled. I’m that kind of person that freaks out when the cooking oil is overused and has to go to the garbage.  I read once, that one drop of cooking oil pollutes the same water as a human being pollutes is all life. 1 DROP!!! (I’m aware that this is exaggerated, but it scares huh?)

Did you know that just 1 liter of wasted cooking oil can contaminate 1 million liters of water?!

So you gotta love this machine! Oon Home Recycling Solutions is a Lisbon-based company that develops innovative green products.

Oon Candlemaker transforms old cooking oil into fragrant decorative candles! How awesome is this?

You are not just saving the planet by polluting less (reducing), but you’re also recycling and reutilizing oil as candles. And the best part is: The candles have fragrance!

For me this is one of the most (if not the most) creative sustainable gadget of all time!


  • spicy orange
  • cozy jasmine
  • blueberry smoothie
  • sea lemons
  • handpicked apples
  • sweet coffee cream
  • naked soul (whatever that is)

The Oon Candlemaker is a great product and has an astonishing design. It only costs 199€ and it comes with seven pods (that neutralize the oil smell, and provide color and fragrance to the candles). Check how it works on their website.

1 Watch = 1 Tree planted

27 Apr

Los Angeles based company, WeWood (could it have a funniest name?!), is committed to environment and the health of earth. WeWood crafts wood watches and for each sold product the company plants a tree, thanks to a partnership with American Forests and Global ReLeaf.

The key words of WeWood are: Eco-iconic, eco-minded, non-artificial nor toxic materials and sophisticated sustainability.

WeWood goal: Restore Mother Nature.

This wooden watches are available online, if you want to check it out.

I’m still wondering how will you know if they planted a tree…? And, if they use wood as they main raw material, isn’t it the right thing to do – to plant a tree? If they want to plant a tree so much why they advertise it as kind of its core business?

Do you think the same? Do you like this idea? And what about the watches – cool?

Turk + Taylor’s Spring/Summer 2011

27 Apr

Turk and Taylor’s 2011 Spring/Summer collection combines organic cotton, recycled hot air balloon, recycled polyester, dead-stock fabric and hemp to create a simple, colorful and sustainable summer collection. We can’t ask for more…

Bohol Jacket – made from 1980s hot air balloon (say what?!)

FASHION VS ENVIRONMENT – What do you think?

A Cap into a plant!

27 Apr

In Japan they found out a funny way to use PET caps. The company Merry projects created the “Merry farming kits” which includes a tablet of compressed dry soil, that’s just the right size to fit inside a standard plastic soda bottle cap, along with basil seeds for planting.

Apparently they can be find anywhere in Japan, from bookstores to the street (they make several guerrilla campaigns).

I think this is amazing, they created a way to reutilize caps with a fashionable and useful item. They’re basically turn garbage into a beautiful plant :) And nowadays urban gardening is so trendy!!! Of course you could also make a necklace out of the caps, but it would look pretty ugly! :p

Check more photos here.

Fashionable Biodegradable shoes

27 Apr

OAT shoes had a big concern: Why can’t we have stylish and “green” shoes?

They realized that everyone bought fancy and fashionable sneakers and that was freaking difficult for people to go for greener choices, because the options were hideous!

So they came across with a sexy and green choice. OAT shoes created a new shoe concept that can be buried after use, cause they’re biodegradable!

Ok… the shoes are fancy, the concept is cool, but I would rather prefer the guy on the photos? Can I buy that online? :P

Welcome | Fash&Mark Environment Day

27 Apr

Ladies and Gentlemen, Readers and Snoops,

Welcome to Fash&Mark Environment day!

As I announced on a previous post, I decided to set April 27th as Fash&Mark Environment Day. As so, today you’ll only read posts related to the subject.

As you can see the appearance of Fash&Mark changed a little today – Everything is green and I finally have a header!!! (kinda cheesy I know, but hey: no waste nor eye pollution) :p

I’m gonna be a little repetitive now, but I really want to emphasize what you’ll find around here today.

*You will find:

  • Green and sustainable Fashion
  • Green Products – Products that are going to revolutionize the world as we know it
  • Brands and campaigns, which main objective is to change minds and lifestyles to a more sustainable living
  • Cool Ads related to Environment

* You won’t find:

  • Boring stuff
  • Uninteresting Blablas
  • Policies and rules that are dull as shit

Now remember to follow the 3 R’s rule here today:

  1. READ
  3. REPLY

Hope you like it! (You better like it!!! This took me a long time to prepare!)

Hipsters’ BFF

21 Apr

These are the new Nono Muaks Shades – The KICK EYES!

The designers say that the concept behind this shades is “to play with your view on life” and to allow you to enjoy their view of life. Well, I think I can say Mission Accomplished and “your view of life must be half blind and kinda stupid”.

Anyway, the shades look cool and they’re pretty fashionable this season. There are 8 different shapes in 4 colors. Check out their online store

Would you wear one of these? Which one would you choose?

Fash&Mark Environment Day

20 Apr

June 5th was established by the United Nations General Assembly  as the World Environment Day! But I can’t wait that longer, so I decided to establish

April 27th as the Fash&Mark Environment Day!

During Fash&Mark Environment Day I’ll post about different things related to environment and green attitude!

*What  you will  find on Fash&Mark on April 27th:

  • Green and sustainable Fashion
  • Green Products – Products that are going to revolutionize the world as we know it
  • Brands and campaigns, which main objective is to change minds and lifestyles to a more sustainable living
  • Cool Ads related to Environment

*What you won’t find on Fash&Mark during that day:

  • Boring stuff
  • Uninteresting Blablas
  • Policies and rules that are dull as shit

This is still Fash&Mark as you know it! So You’ll only read about new and funny things, like products and fashionable items, cool ads and creative campaigns.

Why did I remember to do this?

The world is stagnated and you don’t need me to tell you that, everybody is aware of it! There’s only one species that can change that: HUMAN BEINGS! And that’s us, people!

It’s in our hands to change Earth and make it a better place.Who’s up to it?

However, there’s also the 3 R’s Rule during Fash&Mark Environment Day:

  1. READ
  3. REPLY

Summer Outfits | What to Dress this Season

18 Apr

Hi people! Have you been wondering what to buy and what to dress this season? Do you feel like you have thousands of clothes on your closet, but you dress always the same? And that, with this crisis going on, you have to shop wisely this summer?

Well, I finally had time for a fashion post!!!

I’ve been busy these past weeks, so my blog was a little neglected! I’ve been invited to be a guest editor on some websites and magazines, which makes me very happy about this blogging thing!

I’ve been searching and searching on the World Wide Web for this year’s spring/summer trends . I mixed some colors, created outfits, explored some brands and online shops and I came out with this.

As you’ll see, my fave color mix this year it’s the Orange (coral) and Blue (despite kinda disliking blue, this year I’ll accept it in my outfits)

Beach mood

  1. Cherry Flat Top Sunglasses | Topshop
  2. Blue Bandeau Wide Frill Cover Up | Topshop
  3. Bag | Women’s Secrets
  4. Vanda Red Crochet Espadrilles | Topshop
  5. Red Rope Print Bandeau Bikini |Topshop
  6. Straw Ribbon Floppy Hat | Topshop

Bikini Time

  1. Poppy Floral Bandeau Bikini |Topshop
  2. Pink Twist Bikini | Topshop
  3. Stripe Balconette Bikini | Topshop

Beach Virgin

  1. Gold And Cream Wash Oversized Articulated Owl | Topshop
  2. Chiffon Cape Dress | Topshop
  3. Nails in Kiss And Tell | Topshop
  4. Pink Curved Flat Top Sunglasses | Topshop
  5. Jeffrey Campbell shoes – Suave | Solestruck
  6. Lips in Nevada | Topshop
  7. Navy Polka Dot Ruched Padded Bandeau Bikini | Topshop

Color of the Sun

  1. Spring Outfit | Mango
  2. Vernon Yellow Canvas Espadrilles | Topshop
  3. Tortoiseshell Curved Flat Top Sunglasses | Topshop
  4. Baby-G Watch | Casio

Color Spread

  1. Summer Outfit | Bershka
  2. Playsuit | H&M
  3. River Island Vintage Across Body Bag | Asos
  4. Script Hi Vamp Wedges | Topshop

Romantic Summer

  1. Cream Silk Crinkle Kimono | Topshop
  2. Cut Out Prism Ring | Topshop
  3. WINNIE T-Bar Espadrilles | Topshop
  4. Floral Stud Dress by Rare | Topshop
  5. Nude Mock Croc Vanity Case | Topshop

Sweet Cream

Asos Outfits

  1. Caramel 70’s Round Sunglasses | Topshop
  2. Push up bra & Thong | Women’s Secrets
  3. Colour Block Dress by Love | Topshop
  4. Yellow Colour Block Mini Cross Body Bag | Topshop
  5. Hero T-Bar Peep Toe Slingback Sandals | Asos

Maxi Skirts

  1. Ring | Parfois
  2. Purse | Yves Saint Laurent
  3. Chica-Chola shoes  – Irregular Choice | Solestruck
  4. White Broderie Lace Trim Vest | Topshop
  5. Poppy Red Scallop Vest | Topshop
  6. Maxi Skirt | Mango

  1. Neon Chain Wrapped Ring | Topshop
  2. Dolce Vita shoes – Jade | Solestruck
  3. Jade Bright Floral Print Tee | Topshop
  4. Earrings | Parfois
  5. Faux Croc Lady Bag | Asos

Color Bloom

  1. Jeffrey Campbell shoes | Solestruck
  2. Faux Croc Lady Bag | Asos
  3. Jeffrey Campbell Shoes – Suebee | Solestruck
  4. FW91 Watch Pink | Casio
  5. Fairtrade Cotton Feather Print Hanky Hem Vest | Topshop
  6. Moto Red Cut Off Hotpants | Topshop

Cute Traveler

  1. Ted Baker Drew Quilted Across Body Bag | Asos
  2. Nike Blazer Mid Macro Trainer | Asos
  3. Quite Cute Nail Lacquer | M·A·C
  4. Lips in Ohh La La | Topshop
  5. Dress | Women’s Secrets
  6. Coral Heart Bandeau Bikini | Topshop
  7. Miffy Paris Bag | Women’s Secrets


  1. Caramel 70’s Round Sunglasses | Topshop
  2. Navy Stripe Knot Back Playsuit | Topshop
  3. Green Frill One Shoulder Playsuit | Topshop
  4. Irregular Choice Lady Passion mid heel corsage sandal |Asos
  5. Neon Chains Stack Set Rings | Topshop
  6. Nude Floral Double Layer Playsuit | Topshop

Tell me what you think. Any favorite? Would you like to add  another “key” outfit?

Homes Into Billboards & Paid Mortgage

18 Apr

I just love this idea!

Would you like someone to pay your mortgage? Who wouldn’t?!?

Well, a mobile ad company called Adzookie decided to turn houses into huge billboards and in exchange the company will pay your mortgage! Isn’t this awesome?

We already allow ads in our phones, on our social media profiles and on our cars, why not our house, if it pays off?

These are the requirements:

  • You must be the house owner, the house cannot be rented or leased (or your landlord could have a heart attack)
  • Your house must remain painted for at least 3 months, extendable to 1 year
  • Adzookie will paint your entire house but the roof, windows or any awnings
  • If, after 3 months, you decided to cancel the contract, Adzookie will repaint your house back to the original colors
  • The painting will take between 3 and 5 days

Are you up to it??

I guess this is only possible in America, but if you were eligible to have your house painted with strong colors, with the Facebook, Youtube and Twitter’s logos on it and have your mortgage paid every month, plus 1000$ credit to use in mobile advertising (if you own a website), WOULD YOU LET ADZOOKIE PAINT YOUR HOUSE?

I would definitely let them paint it all! Then I could save lots of money for my well-deserved vacations!!! HELL YEAH BIATCHES!

Check here how to apply.

PFO | Bracelet for Women Safety

12 Apr

PFO is a new line of bracelets with embedded GPS and alarm systems.

These Bracelets are mostly built for women. Basically, when you’re in trouble you can pull the bracelet and an alarm is sent to your “shields”. With the basic service you can choose 3 people you trust the most to be your shields, but with the premium service a security firm will be responsible for your protection – G4S.



How does it work?

When you’re in trouble and pull the Bracelet the people you set as your shield will receive a text message with your exact location.

Everyone knows that the world is getting crazy. With the multiple natural disasters and the economic crisis, more and more people are left without their homes, food and, sometimes, without their family. For that reason, many of them find themselves forced to run amuck and attack/steal others as a form of protest or just to survive.

Obviously this is not happening everywhere, but nowadays we should think and care more about our security.

This is a recent project and the bracelets aren’t available or priced yet. However, the black one is available to pre-order for delivery in July 2011.


Neon for Girls. Baby colors for Boys

7 Apr

We already know that this season colors are mandatory! Everything is allowed: Mix everything, abuse all the colors and styles.

Neon pumps and colorful boat shoes are the brand new trends.

Ruthie Davis SS 2011 Collection

Timberland 10 Corso Como

“Take it. Hold it. Love it”

One City, One Perfume

6 Apr

The Scent of Departure is a new brand of perfumes available only on duty-free shops.

Basically the brand was able to capture the scent of five cities: Frankfurt, Budapest, Vienna, Istanbul e Munich. Every bottle of perfume costs 29€ and they’re only available in those five cities’ airports.

Blabla of the brand:

“Who hasn’t dreamt of capturing the scents of a trip and bringing them back home? (me)

The Scent of Departure fragrances capture the essence and spirit of the world’s most vibrant cities in an olfactory memento. (most vibrant cities? Don’t think so)

Voyage from one city to another, fragrance by fragrance.” (And “voyage” by plain too. Or else you won’t get one of these)

The concept was… well kinda cool! But all I can think is: Marketing, marketing, marketing, money and marketing! They will never be able to “capture the essence” of a city! Will NY smell like hotdogs? Will Mexico City smell like Tacos and chilli? Will Paris smell bad? :p

However, maybe this is a better gift than the ugly teddy bears and key chains (I like the mugs!) with the name of the city (cheesy!).

This is just my opinion, but I want to know yours. Would you buy this? Do you like the idea?

WTF?! | Teens be crazy too

5 Apr

Do you think you’ve seen and heard it all? Think again! There’s a new trend (can I call it trend?) between teenagers. Picture a tampon. Now imagine a bottle of vodka. Now mix it all! Hard?

German teenage girls found a new way to get drunk faster and to hide the alcohol breath. They insert tampons soaked in vodka in… well you know where… And boys are also using vodka soaked tampons anally, they call it “butt chugging” or “Butt bongs”

The German police are really worried about this. They’re warning the teens, especially girls, on how bad for them this new type of consumption is – it can damage vaginal walls and increase the risk of infection.

Teens are loving the idea of getting alcohol directly into their bloodstream, avoiding breath, spending a lot of money and drinking all night.


(sorry about this WTF?! posts, but i had to share this)

WTF?! | Chinese be crazy!

5 Apr

Chinese are kinda crazy about their beliefs, amulets, lucky charms and all that. This time they went too far!

In China, fishes represent good luck. So some smart guy decided to make a business out of that. He found a way for people to carry their good-luck charm along with them all day long – He uses live fishes as a keychain! Can you believe that? I’m shocked with this!

Check the photos to see how this is possible!

The vendors sold 1 fish and 9 turtles in just 5min. They say that the fishes and turtles can live for months, because they put vitamins in the water.

However the question of Animal rights activists is “How can they breathe?”

And my question is: How can people buy this?! Are they stupid? Are you supposed to sacrifice animals to be lucky? Or this question in another point of view (their): Are you supposed to sacrifice your amulet/lucky charm to be lucky?

Hey people!!! We’re in 2011! Wake up! WTF are you thinking?

Poor animals… Apparently activists can do nothing (instead of buying a lot of keychains and set the animal free), because China only has a Wild Animal Protection Law… and these ones aren’t wild!

Conclusion: People be freaking crazy!

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