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Get the Job! | Interviews

31 May

Are you trying to find a job or having interviews?  If so, I guess this article from the book “The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use”, will help you a lot.

During an interview you may be asked “Do you have any questions?” –  It’s here that your heart stops and you think “Damn! I didn’t think of this!” and your first reaction is to say “I don’t have any questions”.  Big mistake kids!

You have to show a lot of interest and be proactive; you have to ask questions about the company and its people! Asking questions will make you look smarter, will give you the opportunity to know more about the place you might work in the near future and will allow you to interact a lot more with your interviewer – positioning you one step ahead of your fellow candidates.

What you should ask:

1.Can you describe a typical day for someone in this position?” If your interviewer appears to be nervous or ill at ease, a non-abstract question like this is a good way to get the ball rolling.

2. “Could you talk about the history of this position?” Specifically, what you’re trying to find out is how long the position has existed, how many people have held it, and why it is now available.

3. “What were the major strengths and weaknesses of the last person who held this job?” Or in other words, what kind of act would you have to follow. This is also a chance to find out what happened to your would-be predecessor. How this question is answered will tell you a lot about the dynamics and expectations of this workplace.

4. “What are this position’s biggest challenges?” You’re naturally curious about the downsides of the job. But find out in a way that makes you look confident and unafraid to tackle problems.

5. “In what area could your team use some improvement?” Do you get an honest-sounding answer? This is important. It’s also an opportunity to talk some more about how your skills specifically match this company’s needs.

6. “What are the prospects for advancement?” Asking this demonstrates that you have ambition, and makes you look like a big picture person.

7. “How would I be evaluated?” If you want to know an employer’s true priorities, and what is really important about the position under discussion, ask this.

8. “Who are the most successful people in this company and why?” A clever way to get a glimpse of a company’s values/ethos/culture and how the powers-that-be measure success.

9. “Why do you enjoy working at this company?” Okay, it’s a softball question. But the answer, and the tone in which it is given, should tell you a lot. Basically, you are looking to see some sincere enthusiasm here.

10. “Do you have any reservations about me or my ability to perform this job?” It’s a gutsy thing to ask. But consider doing so because it’s a great way to get real-time feedback on you and your interview skills. Asking for criticism not only earns you points for courage, it could result in some very helpful information.

P.S. Do not ask questions that would be easily answered by consulting the company’s website. You will look unprepared, even lazy. You’ll also lose the opportunity to gather some valuable insight about this employer and the job on offer.

Now relax, suit up and good luck with that! :)

Check out some outfits ideas here

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Quote of the Day

28 May

Where is Fash&Mark?

27 May

Hi there, my beloved readers!

I’ll be out for some days for my well-deserved vacations. I don’t know if I’ll have internet access yet, but I hope I will.

I’ve prepared some posts to publish during my absence, but it won’t be that easy to answer to your comments. However you should keep visiting and commenting :p

I’m going to visit a huge city and capital of the World. And I’m really really excited about it!

I love to know new places, new people, new cultures and languages… Basically I love everything that’s new to me!

I aim to be a “person of the world”. What is that? Well, I would love to travel all over the world and live in different cities every now and then, I’d love to learn a new thing every day and meet new people too. And I’m definitely up to work abroad! Change it’s kind of my middle name or I hope it to be…

I always wanted to visit this city and  just to be able to put my feet there, it’s totally worthy!

So for now, I’ll only play tourist for some days and I’ll chat with everyone I can; and when I come back I’ll tell you everything about it and hopefully show you tons of pics too :)

Wish me luck!

One hint: It’s one of these cities, wanna guess? :p

Guest Blogger | Lee Oliveira

25 May

Adam | Outside G-star Raw FW 11

Antoinette |  Sydney

Eric and Edixon | Outside Rebecca Minkoff SW11

Neyo Feeling Like a Rockstar | NYC

Joanna | Outside Carrolina Herrera FW 11

Jong | Outside Yona Baraschi FW11

Mali Romeo | NYC

Meg Gray | Australia Fashion Week

June | Outside Lincoln Center NYC

Patricia |  NYC

About Me

Fashion is where I belong

I am Brazilian born but now happily call Australia home. My passion lies is all

things fashion, and I have worked for high end fashion brands for most of my career. My second love is photography, and I often spend hours with my camera in search of the perfect shot. The thought of spending my day doing the two things I love most is what inspired me to start my blog.

I can now be found living my dream… wandering the globe, camera in hand searching for fashionable subjects that inspire me.

I believe we each have our own unique sense of style. It doesn’t necessarily have to fall within the latest fashion trends, it just needs to fit your personality and make you feel good.

Love Lee xx

Bollywood Style

25 May

Are you all about Bollywood? Are you astonished about every single detail of those amazing clothes?

When you were a little kid, was ALADIN your favorite Disney movie and you loved Jasmine?

Did you just see Slumdog Millionaire to check their clothes out?

Come on, you can tell us!

Well… I guess I found the perfect store for you!

A long time ago, when there was no internet around and no one knew what an online store was, every little kid dreamed about having a wonderful Indian princess dress.

Now that’s perfect doable, cause I just found a freaking Bollywood online store! That’s right! The store – Indian Hanger – showcases a variety of collection and provides an array of different and unique designer ensemble and accessories. This store mixes the traditional Indian fashion with the modern fashion designs.

Traditional Sarees, Jasmine style!

Modern Indian Design, Freida Pinto style!

Happy now? :P

If you want to see more clothes and accessories go to Indian Hanger website

New Perfume

24 May

I’ve been offer a new perfume!

I’m really really picky about perfumes; it takes me ages to choose one. I have to go to different stores, smell everything and try on every single perfume… I hate it sometimes: when I love the fragrance of the perfume on the little paper and hate it in my skin; it looks like the fragrance is totally different.

So you can imagine what I thought when I’ve been offer a new one, it was like Damn! Why a perfume? It could be anything else and I will probably dislike it”. To make things worse, when I opened the box TCHARAM! The bottle looked like it came out of a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings’ movie… So I thought to myself “just smile, say thank you and think about someone who would love to receive this perfume and give it to that person”.

Floratta Emerald

Fearless, I opened the bottle and sprayed it on my arm, and… Wow! Loved it! Apparently I was wrong (it doesn’t happen a lot :p). The fragrance is so fresh, so “summertime”, but at the same time it can be warm and strong enough to be sexy.

I just wanted to share this with you for 3 simple reasons:

  • You probably looking for a good summer perfume, that’s fresh and strong enough to fight this high temperatures’ weather
  • You should never evaluate things by his “package” – I still think it looks like a magic potion from Harry Potter and I would probably never buy it, by this criteria
  • If you’re convinced by my opinion about it, you can buy it here at Boticario . I guess they ship worldwide (not sure though…if not, try to find stores in your country, they are all over the World)

Looking for the perfect perfume too? Which one do you use?

Exquisite Rings

20 May

I just love huge rings!

Is this going to be trendy?

17 May

Here it is the proof that fashion is back!

My question is: Is this going to be trendy? Will Zara or Asos create their own version of these Penis-Shaped High Heels?

It’s not difficult to guess that these ones are from Gaga!

Offices where you wish you worked

16 May

Are you tired of you tiny little office, where you can even smell other people’s breath because it’s so freaking tiny?

Are you sick of hearing conversations that you don’t even care about?

Do you sit in your office all day long, looking at a stupid computer wishing something fun to happen?

Don’t you have time for fun activities and do you feel your creativity is being sucked out by the boringness of your office?

If so, do yourself a favor and do not see this amazing photos of the offices you probably deserve!






JTW New York


The Selgas Cano Architecture office

Zara | Maxi Skirt

11 May

When my eyes met this skirt, I instantly fell in love! (my fave has to be the orange)

Zara why are you always trying to screw my wallet?

Spray Tshirt? What!?

10 May

You probably think that fashion won’t go further than new patterns and new designs. Well, think twice, because revolution is coming!!!

Soon we will be spraying ourselves into everything from t-shirts to hats! How cool is that?

Also this cotton fibers’ liquid can be dissolved and used all over again as you want. So if you’re tired of your shirt you can dissolve it and spray a bikini. It’s awesome!

The liquid dries as soon as it hits the skin, the garment can be taken off, washed and re-worn.

“To show science and technology can help fashion designers, I ended up returning to the principles of the earliest textiles such as felt, which were also produced by taking fibers and finding a way of binding them together without having to weave or stitch.” Dr. Torres, Professor of Particle Technology at Imperial College – creator of Fabrican

Bad Ads from the Past

7 May

Now think twice before complaining about the current ads and leave the creative minds alone!!! :p

Alexander McQueen | The Fashion King

6 May

Alexander McQueen was born in 17th March 1969 in London and, as everybody knows, he was a splendid fashion designer.

Nowadays, fashion is so tired and repetitive; it’s all about the same. More and more fashion industry proves it works as a circle – every style and look are brought back and “reinvented” every season.

Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue: “He wanted to investigate the new and not just play around with the old and the accepted”

In the last years, McQueen has proven that he was the only one who could still amaze with his astonishing creations and conceptual fashion shows. Creativity, boldness, keen eye for detail and elegance were McQueen’s middle name. The Enfant Terrible was known by his avant-garde approach to fashion.

Every show was remarkably theatrical and had a strong concept behind it.

A lot of sources say that his shows brought tears of happiness and frustration to see such strong pieces and to feel fashion in such an emotional and powerful way.

McQueen wanted to demonstrate that fashion was much more than numbers, empty branding and robotic industry. He aimed to express that creativity and personality should be a part of the fashion industry.

“The show shouldn’t overshadow the clothes and vice versa. There always must be some sort of interaction with the audience to get the message across that’s going through your mind.” Alexander McQueen

Some McQueen’s shows

“Grafitti meets fashion”, 1999

McQueen’s Spring/Summer show concluded in different way. Two auto-painting robots sprayed a model wearing a white dress. The fashion designer wanted to show, in a conceptual approach, the evolution of fashion as a commodity and the drop into a digital roboticized age.


“The turnover of fashion is just so quick and so throwaway, and I think that is a big part of the problem. There is no longevity.” Alexander McQueen

“Deliverance” spring / summer 2004

Inspired by the film They shoot horses, don’t they, this was the most eclectic McQueen’s show. Dancing and frenezin, mixed with fancy and happy clothes.



“Sarabande” spring / summer 2007

Romanticism was the main theme of this collection. The fashion show was accompanied by an orchestra and a big white chandelier

 “La Dame Bleue” spring / summer 2008

All inspired by Isabella Blow, his beloved friend.

“The girl who lived in the tree” fall / winter 2008

A fashion fairy tale based on the British Empire, the Queens of England, the Duke of Wellington, toy soldiers and punk princesses.

“Natural Dis-tinction Un-natural Selection” spring / summer 2009

McQueen exacerbated Nature and its powerful shapes and patterns. The concept of this collection is about the survival of the fittest, Charles Darwin, and the bad consequences of industrialization in the world.

“There is no better designer than nature Alexander McQueen

 “The Horn Of Plenty” fall / winter 2009

Black, red and white – the main haute couture colors embedded in sumptuous gowns and big red lips. “The concept is a play between a profound respect for and the subversion of the haute couture tradition.” Alexander McQueen

“Plato’s Atlantis”, Spring/Summer 2010

Evolution! Evolution! Evolution! This was his last fashion show. He presented glamorous, magnificent and sparkling outfits. All the prints have his signature and were made especially for every individual garment.
With this show, fashion world suffer a big turnaround. The recycled trends are no longer accepted. McQueen introduced the Alien shoes that astonished some and shocked others.

Lady Gaga wore a few outfits from this collection on the famous video – Bad Romance.

After searching a lot and seeing all of his collections, a rage took over me! I just realize that it was not the fashion industry that had a huge loss with his death, but the whole world! We lost a colossal creative mind, a visionary and a revolutionary!

Lee McQueen, rest in peace! The world will miss you!

Quote of the Day

4 May

“Look at you. You’re young. And you’re scared. Why are you so scared? Stop being paralyzed. Stop swallowing your words. Stop caring what other people think. Wear what you want. Say what you want. Listen to the music you want to listen to. Play it loud as fuck and dance to it. Go out for a drive at midnight and forget that you have school the next day. Stop waiting for Friday. Live now. Do it NOW. Take risks. Tell secrets. This life is yours. When are you going to realize that you can do whatever you want?” (by I don’t know who wrote it)

Barbie Jewelry

4 May

Margaux Lange, a jewelry designer from New York (Where else?), creates astonishing pieces with “Barbie parts”.

Honestly, I love this jewels!  It’s a mix of creepy objects with nice childhood associations, Pop art and it is also made with the most fashionable doll on earth. However, I can’t avoid thinking that probably Margaux was a messed up kid to whom Barbies ruined life or something! I just can think about zombie Barbies scaring a cute little kid… Just kidding!

By the way, this artist uses only second hand dolls and accessories from donations, garage sales, thrift stores and eBay. (I know…I was also imagining her stealing Barbies from kids on the street and laughing malevolently)

    ”Often my work utilizes Barbie as an archetype to analyze all that this icon has come to symbolize. Sometimes, I aim to distance myself and critique pop culture in this way, and other times I wish to engage and participate in it. Much like my own experience with womanhood: a series of rejecting and embracing prescriptive roles and stereotypes” Margaux Lange

B&L | Summer Accessories

3 May

Bimba & Lola Summer Accessories. Jungle and fruit salad inspired, I guess…

Announcement | Guest Blogger!

2 May

Hi People!

I’m happy to announce that Fash&Mark will have its very first guest blogger, soon!

Stay tunned!

I know you gonna love it!!! But for now it’s Top Secret!

Want some key words?

  • Fashion
  • Awesome blogger
  • Street style
  • Cool outfits
  • New things
  • Never seen on Fash&Mark
  • Can’t wait to show you
  • This is just a teaser
  • You can stop reading this now
  • Still reading?
  • Don’t miss it!
  • Coming soon :P


2 May

On a previous post I asked you if sex sells.  This is the freaking proof that it does!

Mr. Tom Ford is back  after 6 years and guess what was the main theme of his advertising?


For my beloved readers that prefer classy ads and doesn’t like this sassy, wet and wild ads –  I’m sorry! I promise more conservative posts soon :p

For now enjoy this adverting pearls!

Who doesn’t feel like buying some sexy swimming trunks? Or some black bar to use in nudity situations? LOOL

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