Bollywood Style

25 May

Are you all about Bollywood? Are you astonished about every single detail of those amazing clothes?

When you were a little kid, was ALADIN your favorite Disney movie and you loved Jasmine?

Did you just see Slumdog Millionaire to check their clothes out?

Come on, you can tell us!

Well… I guess I found the perfect store for you!

A long time ago, when there was no internet around and no one knew what an online store was, every little kid dreamed about having a wonderful Indian princess dress.

Now that’s perfect doable, cause I just found a freaking Bollywood online store! That’s right! The store – Indian Hanger – showcases a variety of collection and provides an array of different and unique designer ensemble and accessories. This store mixes the traditional Indian fashion with the modern fashion designs.

Traditional Sarees, Jasmine style!

Modern Indian Design, Freida Pinto style!

Happy now? :P

If you want to see more clothes and accessories go to Indian Hanger website


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