Potatoes instead of Money

29 Sep

Lays (or Walters, I guess it’s the same brand) has a new vending machine that doesn’t accept money. It accepts potatoes! That’s right!

While in the machine, the potato passes a lot of phases (wash, peel, cut, fry, salt and packaged) then you receive your fresh package of potato chips.

See the video, it’s pretty cool!


PS. Despite looking real, the process that you see is a 60 seconds’ animation. You kinda receive the same greasy and manufactured “potatoes” that you always did from Lays.

It sucks, I know! This could be real. It would be pretty nice and healthier! And way more interactive!

My question is: Why the fuck do they want our potatoes? Trying to annihilate the competition?

2 Responses to “Potatoes instead of Money”

  1. Movimento Moda September 29, 2011 at 11:59 am #

    Um bocado “over promisssing”. Há marcas no mercado que oferecem esse produto “artesanal”, sem aditivos. Quem compra Lays não é isso que procura.

    • Fash&Mark September 29, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

      Sim concordo. Faria mais sentido numa marca ou gama de batatas fritas artesanais, mas ao mesmo tempo marca artesanal com tanta tecnologia é aquela cena…
      No entanto a ideia está engraçada, conseguem criar interactividade através processo de fabrico do produto (kinda). E interactividade e diversão costuma ser o principal objectivo das comunicação deste tipo de marcas… :)

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