Free as My Hair | How to tame it – Results!

25 Oct

Oh my… I almost forgot this post. I know I promised to make the review of a “miraculous” product, which main objective is to tame and protect wild hair, like mine! So, some months ago I received a product that smells wonderfully to tame my rebel hair – See here on this Previous Post

I’m wearing it for almost 4 months and I must say that it works!!

Well, it’s not really an amazing miracle, as my hair doesn’t look like a Disney princess or something. But… the results are pretty good, since now my hair is way more tamed than it used to be!

How to apply: Apply after washing hair with when it is still WET! (This is important, it doesn’t work for me when I apply on dry hair – it gets a bit sticky).

Cool features:

  • It lets your hair smooth and light (no one would tell you apply some product on it)
  • It smells like fruits must smell in heaven
  • The package is big, and you just need to apply a tiny bit a day, so it will last forever (kind of)
  • It Will disciplined your wild hair and PROTECT it from external aggressions

Price:  10,90€  (how much would you pay for a miracle? :p )

Where can you buy it? Here @ Boticario– they also have shampoo and conditioner, which I don’t use, so I can’t talk about it! :)

The result is near this –  Before and After

2 Responses to “Free as My Hair | How to tame it – Results!”

  1. jo, the carrot October 25, 2011 at 10:55 pm #

    ora se recomendas, e tu na és de recomendar, eu vou experimentar mesmo porque cá o meu cabelo é qualquer coisa entre o grotesco e insosso!

  2. Fash&Mark October 26, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    Nao sou de recomendar, pq sou muito exigente :) Nao é qualquer produto q me encanta. hehe. Se isso acontece, faço questão de dizer ao mundo

    Experimenta pode ser que também resulte para ti! No more grotesco & insosso!!! Eu ja n passo sem isto, quando nao ponho, noto logo :\

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