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iPad 2 | Apple gives iPad 2 after customer returned it

23 Mar

You won’t believe this story about an iPad 2 that was returned to Apple!

Apple has been really focused on all iPad 2 returns and reviews since its launch, in order to keep track of any problems, preview solutions and to provide a better customer service.

Anyway, there was a funny customer that returned his iPad 2 to an Apple store with a stick on it that said: “WIFE SAID NO”. Apparently his wife wouldn’t let him keep his new gadget for reasons that only they know…

But, luckily for him, some executives knew about this, thought this guy was really cool, and sent him a new iPad 2 with a new stick that said “APPLE SAID YES”! (If i were Apple I would write “Bitch say what?” )

With this simple gesture, Apple was able to:

  • Create buzz on the internet and other (less important) media :)
  • Make some people believe that they can have a free iPad 2 if they get creative
  • Show that the company and its executives are really nice fellows and an extra iPad 2 means nothing to them
  • Found a new way to give a finger to this guy’s wife
  • Maybe save a marriage
  • Give a hug to the said customer without looking gayish

So what did you think about this?

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