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7 Mar

Diesel is a hell of a crazy brand! I just love its campaigns, its creativity and its risk taking personality. And Yes. Brands have personality!

This is a photo of its Valentines’ ad, when Diesel released this product. I think the picture talks for itself.

Following its Be Stupid campaign, Diesel launched last week the Diesel Island. This Island is the best place to be! The idea was to create the least fucked up country in the World! Check the video, it’s priceless!

Diesel Island. Land of the stupid. Home of the brave!

This week they striked again and developed a dislike button on facebook. Fans are now able to answer to the question “what wouldn’t you take to a desert island?”, by disliking things on the internet.

 They are just awesome!

Diesel if you’re out there, reading this also-stupid-blog, send a helicopter or a raft and take me to your Island, please!

Diesel Lookbook

Coca-Cola | Happiness in a Truck

4 Mar

Coca-Cola Truck shared happiness in Rio de Janeiro streets.

This campaign aimed to improve the relationship between the brand and the consumers, meeting them in their comfort zone: the beach, their neighborhood, their school…

This simple and cheap campaign had a huge acceptance from the target, that keeps complimenting coca-cola for its creativity, altruism and its great job bringing happiness to people lives.


“Where will happiness strike next?”


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