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Le Modern Baroque!

24 Feb

You know what I love? Baroque style! It’s something that I really admire since I was little and I saw those voluptuous dresses on some movie, for the first time! Those extravagant hair styles, the glamorous patterns and textures, those dresses’ curved shapes and, of course, the exuberant make-up! All the details made my eyes shine of amazement! Well… I guess it still does.

I collected some products that were inspired by ‘Le Baroque’ style! Oh! Oui mademoiselle! J’adore!

John Galliano was F*(ashion) Fired!

3 Mar

As you may know at this moment, John Galliano, the fashion genius from Dior, was fired.

He was filmed, apparently drunk, at a Parisian bar called “La Perle”, saying that he loved Hitler and insulting some italian and french girls that were with him.

Besides being fired from Dior, he is accused of making anti-semitic remarks, which is punishable by up to six months in prison.

Yesterday (2th March) Galliano apologised for saying on a video jew-hating racism words, but he also said that he was a victim of “verbal harassment” at the bar and a costumer tried to hit him with a chair.

The Oscar winner, Natalie Portman, already close the contract with Dior and refused to associate her name in any way with ex-chief designer of the brand, declaring that she was “deeply shocked and disgusted” by Galliano’s words, and she is a proud Jew.

If you didn’t see the video yet, here it is:

John Galliano before and after this scandal:

Where is your sparkle now, Galli?

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