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WTF?! | Chinese be crazy!

5 Apr

Chinese are kinda crazy about their beliefs, amulets, lucky charms and all that. This time they went too far!

In China, fishes represent good luck. So some smart guy decided to make a business out of that. He found a way for people to carry their good-luck charm along with them all day long – He uses live fishes as a keychain! Can you believe that? I’m shocked with this!

Check the photos to see how this is possible!

The vendors sold 1 fish and 9 turtles in just 5min. They say that the fishes and turtles can live for months, because they put vitamins in the water.

However the question of Animal rights activists is “How can they breathe?”

And my question is: How can people buy this?! Are they stupid? Are you supposed to sacrifice animals to be lucky? Or this question in another point of view (their): Are you supposed to sacrifice your amulet/lucky charm to be lucky?

Hey people!!! We’re in 2011! Wake up! WTF are you thinking?

Poor animals… Apparently activists can do nothing (instead of buying a lot of keychains and set the animal free), because China only has a Wild Animal Protection Law… and these ones aren’t wild!

Conclusion: People be freaking crazy!

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