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Le Modern Baroque!

24 Feb

You know what I love? Baroque style! It’s something that I really admire since I was little and I saw those voluptuous dresses on some movie, for the first time! Those extravagant hair styles, the glamorous patterns and textures, those dresses’ curved shapes and, of course, the exuberant make-up! All the details made my eyes shine of amazement! Well… I guess it still does.

I collected some products that were inspired by ‘Le Baroque’ style! Oh! Oui mademoiselle! J’adore!

NYC Music

31 Jan

You know that song that is always playing during your vacations? Well, I had that on NYC too. There are 3 songs that remind me of this trip!

1º Edge of Glory | Lady Gaga

The first song that I heard in NYC in Gaga’s concert

2º Rolling in the Deep | Adele

Always playing in every store I entered, was the hit during that 2 weeks and the radio stations loved it!

3º Firework | Katy Perry

I dedicate this one to my friend that was an amazing host! He knows why! LOL. While walking around in NY, we kept singing this song, it gets stuck in your head somehow… :)

A Letter to Santa Claus

22 Nov

Santa, you better stop messing up with this kid! Capiche?! :p

Zombie Boy | How do you judge a book?

26 Oct

 Do you know the zombie guy? The one from Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” music video? The one, who won the Guinness for having tattooed all of his body as a zombie?

Can you imagine him without tattoos?

Like this!

A cosmetic brand used the zombie guy – Rico Genest – on a commercial for its amazing concealer  – Dermablend Professional. Basically, they covered all his tattoos with its products. It’s crazy how they did it!

His reaction : “I think I’m ready to get a job!”

I love the concept of Dermablend campaign “go behind the cover”, the video and, of course, I am amazed by the product coverage capacity. Definitely a Must See!



Behind the Scenes


Now, close your mouth and write us your opinion about this!

Want to know more? Visit Dermablend website  or the Campaign website 

This Fall | Mermaid Fashion

5 Sep

So, apparently this Fall mermaids are high fashion!


What do you think? Will you dive into this trend?


As Free as my Hair | How to tame it

27 Jun

My hair just can’t be tamed! During winter, summer, spring or whatever… In any occasion, I look like I just came out of the jungle and was attacked by several wild animals. It’s lame!

To solve my problem I have a new product that promises to, not just tame my freaky hair, but to protect it from damage caused by sun, wind, pollution and from comments like: “did you brush your hair today?” or “What happen to your hair?” or “Was it raining in the morning?” or “You know what you should use? Hair spray!”.

I’m gonna start using this product now and, hopefully, in a month I can look like a normal person, instead of a member of some remote Indian tribe.

Stay tuned! I’ll talk about the results in a few weeks.

During that time I would love to hear about any hair product that WORKED for you (in case you HAD the same problem) or if you already used this one.

If you want to complain about your undisciplined hair – Be my guest! Unlike Rihanna, I don’t like to feel like “I’m the only girl in the world”.

IDEA FOR A BEAUTY BRAND: If you want to release a new product which main objective is to tame wild shapeless hair – name it LEASH. Cause it’s exactly what my hair needs and I would totally buy it by that suggestive name! :p

Alexander McQueen | The Fashion King

6 May

Alexander McQueen was born in 17th March 1969 in London and, as everybody knows, he was a splendid fashion designer.

Nowadays, fashion is so tired and repetitive; it’s all about the same. More and more fashion industry proves it works as a circle – every style and look are brought back and “reinvented” every season.

Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue: “He wanted to investigate the new and not just play around with the old and the accepted”

In the last years, McQueen has proven that he was the only one who could still amaze with his astonishing creations and conceptual fashion shows. Creativity, boldness, keen eye for detail and elegance were McQueen’s middle name. The Enfant Terrible was known by his avant-garde approach to fashion.

Every show was remarkably theatrical and had a strong concept behind it.

A lot of sources say that his shows brought tears of happiness and frustration to see such strong pieces and to feel fashion in such an emotional and powerful way.

McQueen wanted to demonstrate that fashion was much more than numbers, empty branding and robotic industry. He aimed to express that creativity and personality should be a part of the fashion industry.

“The show shouldn’t overshadow the clothes and vice versa. There always must be some sort of interaction with the audience to get the message across that’s going through your mind.” Alexander McQueen

Some McQueen’s shows

“Grafitti meets fashion”, 1999

McQueen’s Spring/Summer show concluded in different way. Two auto-painting robots sprayed a model wearing a white dress. The fashion designer wanted to show, in a conceptual approach, the evolution of fashion as a commodity and the drop into a digital roboticized age.


“The turnover of fashion is just so quick and so throwaway, and I think that is a big part of the problem. There is no longevity.” Alexander McQueen

“Deliverance” spring / summer 2004

Inspired by the film They shoot horses, don’t they, this was the most eclectic McQueen’s show. Dancing and frenezin, mixed with fancy and happy clothes.



“Sarabande” spring / summer 2007

Romanticism was the main theme of this collection. The fashion show was accompanied by an orchestra and a big white chandelier

 “La Dame Bleue” spring / summer 2008

All inspired by Isabella Blow, his beloved friend.

“The girl who lived in the tree” fall / winter 2008

A fashion fairy tale based on the British Empire, the Queens of England, the Duke of Wellington, toy soldiers and punk princesses.

“Natural Dis-tinction Un-natural Selection” spring / summer 2009

McQueen exacerbated Nature and its powerful shapes and patterns. The concept of this collection is about the survival of the fittest, Charles Darwin, and the bad consequences of industrialization in the world.

“There is no better designer than nature Alexander McQueen

 “The Horn Of Plenty” fall / winter 2009

Black, red and white – the main haute couture colors embedded in sumptuous gowns and big red lips. “The concept is a play between a profound respect for and the subversion of the haute couture tradition.” Alexander McQueen

“Plato’s Atlantis”, Spring/Summer 2010

Evolution! Evolution! Evolution! This was his last fashion show. He presented glamorous, magnificent and sparkling outfits. All the prints have his signature and were made especially for every individual garment.
With this show, fashion world suffer a big turnaround. The recycled trends are no longer accepted. McQueen introduced the Alien shoes that astonished some and shocked others.

Lady Gaga wore a few outfits from this collection on the famous video – Bad Romance.

After searching a lot and seeing all of his collections, a rage took over me! I just realize that it was not the fashion industry that had a huge loss with his death, but the whole world! We lost a colossal creative mind, a visionary and a revolutionary!

Lee McQueen, rest in peace! The world will miss you!

When the sun strikes – Kerin Rose SS 2011

4 Mar

Kerin Rose is the creative behind Lady Gaga’s Supreme nail and knife hoodie and this week she decided to change the concept of sunglasses that everyone used to have.

Her new eyewear collection is a mix of luxury, eccentric and conceptual sunglasses and it’s available at A-Mornir.

Lady Gaga’s Supreme hoddie

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