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Quote of the Day

20 Jun

Fash&Mark Likes This!

Diesel | ‘Like’ Campaign

14 Jun

As usual Diesel innovated again in its new campaign. The concept is bringing the ‘Like’ button to real life – “If we love to tell people what we ‘Like’, why not doing it in real life?”

The project started in Madrid and allows people to ‘like’ products in Diesel stores while sharing it on Facebook.

How? All the clothes display a QR Code that can be scanned by customers. By scanning the codes, shoppers can also see similar products and ‘like’ it on Facebook.

This is not just an entertaining campaign, but also really smart. It allows people to find items that wouldn’t probably be found online and it also lets fashionistas share their style online.

Oh Diesel… You rock!

What do you think? Is this campaign “Smart” or “Stupid”?

Like | Geek style

23 Mar

SO COOL! I want one of these for my Blog!









This Like Button Tip Box was designed by Burak Kaynak and it tries to bring value to rating, literally! Basically in real world a like corresponds to a Tip. Real world, real rating, people!!!

But if you like this blog, you can “like” it the old fashioned way – let’s say Facebook –  here in This Amazing Link

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