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Swallowable Perfume

2 Nov

That awkward moment when you buy a new perfume – which was just released – and you realize that you are old-fashioned. Spray perfume? Jeez, that is so last year!

Lucy McRay, an Amsterdam-based artist, and Sheref Mansy, a synthetic biologist, just created a swallowable perfume that emits fragrance from the skin.

Now, by steps:

  1. There’s a capsule containing synthetic fragrant lipid molecules
  2. You swallow it
  3. The molecules get metabolized by the body’s enzymes
  4. Then fragrant molecules are released through the skin
  5. Temperature, stress, exercise or sexual arousal will determine the strength of the fragrance. Your body has the power to create an unique fragrance
  6. At this moment, you took the expression “beautiful inside” to another level

Despite the announcement in August, Swallowable Parfum was not yet released; it’s still in the research phase. So you have time to “digest” all this info

I don’t know your opinion about this, but for me it’s too freaky! I’ll take a risk of being old-fashioned here! To eat perfume it’s not an option for me yet. What about you? Willing to experiment the new Swallowable Parfum?

New Perfume

24 May

I’ve been offer a new perfume!

I’m really really picky about perfumes; it takes me ages to choose one. I have to go to different stores, smell everything and try on every single perfume… I hate it sometimes: when I love the fragrance of the perfume on the little paper and hate it in my skin; it looks like the fragrance is totally different.

So you can imagine what I thought when I’ve been offer a new one, it was like Damn! Why a perfume? It could be anything else and I will probably dislike it”. To make things worse, when I opened the box TCHARAM! The bottle looked like it came out of a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings’ movie… So I thought to myself “just smile, say thank you and think about someone who would love to receive this perfume and give it to that person”.

Floratta Emerald

Fearless, I opened the bottle and sprayed it on my arm, and… Wow! Loved it! Apparently I was wrong (it doesn’t happen a lot :p). The fragrance is so fresh, so “summertime”, but at the same time it can be warm and strong enough to be sexy.

I just wanted to share this with you for 3 simple reasons:

  • You probably looking for a good summer perfume, that’s fresh and strong enough to fight this high temperatures’ weather
  • You should never evaluate things by his “package” – I still think it looks like a magic potion from Harry Potter and I would probably never buy it, by this criteria
  • If you’re convinced by my opinion about it, you can buy it here at Boticario . I guess they ship worldwide (not sure though…if not, try to find stores in your country, they are all over the World)

Looking for the perfect perfume too? Which one do you use?

B&L | Summer Accessories

3 May

Bimba & Lola Summer Accessories. Jungle and fruit salad inspired, I guess…

One City, One Perfume

6 Apr

The Scent of Departure is a new brand of perfumes available only on duty-free shops.

Basically the brand was able to capture the scent of five cities: Frankfurt, Budapest, Vienna, Istanbul e Munich. Every bottle of perfume costs 29€ and they’re only available in those five cities’ airports.

Blabla of the brand:

“Who hasn’t dreamt of capturing the scents of a trip and bringing them back home? (me)

The Scent of Departure fragrances capture the essence and spirit of the world’s most vibrant cities in an olfactory memento. (most vibrant cities? Don’t think so)

Voyage from one city to another, fragrance by fragrance.” (And “voyage” by plain too. Or else you won’t get one of these)

The concept was… well kinda cool! But all I can think is: Marketing, marketing, marketing, money and marketing! They will never be able to “capture the essence” of a city! Will NY smell like hotdogs? Will Mexico City smell like Tacos and chilli? Will Paris smell bad? :p

However, maybe this is a better gift than the ugly teddy bears and key chains (I like the mugs!) with the name of the city (cheesy!).

This is just my opinion, but I want to know yours. Would you buy this? Do you like the idea?

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