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Happy Valentine’s Day :p

14 Feb

Quote of the Day

23 Nov

What are you waiting for? Take it!


Quote of the Day

25 Oct

Quote of the Day

13 Sep

And rich too… That would kinda… help! :D

Quote of the Day

6 Sep

What are you? Say it again, and again, and again…

You’ll eventually believe it, you government hooker!!


Quote of the Day

2 Sep

We are all LIGHT

1 Sep

We’re all Light.

We’re all Love.

We’re all One.

Love is the essence of all. Love is what bounds us together.

Love is living with imperfection: Love yourself with all your flaws; Love others with all their flaws; LoveĀ  reality with all its flaws

Open your eyes. Open your soul. Open your mind to…ALL the possibilities

Quote of the Day

31 Aug

I wish it could be the Quote of the Day

30 Aug

Where the fuck is summer, anyway? And vacations? And hot guys? And lazy days? And being paid without having to work?

I Have a Question!

30 Aug

Why do Brands lie, if we’re paying them to do the opposite?

Quote of the Day

27 Jun

Quote of the Day

20 Jun

Fash&Mark Likes This!

Quote of the Day

1 Jun

Quote of the Day

28 May

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