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Solar-Powered Fridge

14 Sep

Emily Cummins, 21, came up with a brilliant idea while working on a school project: What if she could invent a solar-powered fridge, which could be used in non-developed countries?

So she did! She developed a portable eco-fridge, that can keep perishable goods cool for days at a temperature around 6ºc.

But the fridge is not just only solar powered, it can also be built from household materials, making it the perfect gadget for Third World countries.

Actually, Emily went to Africa and taught people how to build this eco fridge. So, this invention is already improving thousands of lives.

“A fridge is something that people can’t seem to live without. I wanted to keep it really simple and so I set about researching how we cooled things years ago. The simplest method of cooling something could be seen when you look at how we cool biologically  –  through sweating or evaporation.” Emily Cummins


“The fridge comprises two cylinders  –  one inside the other. The inner cylinder is made from metal but the outer cylinder can be made from anything to hand, including wood and plastic.”




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