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Agent Provocateur | Adult Content º

25 Mar

Agent Provocateur’s campaigns for its  A/W 2010 and S/S 2011 collection are almost too sexy for this blog.

The name of this well known lingerie brand says it all and its campaigns really push up the limits.

Besides the photos, they made several videos with the models where they striptease in front of  a camera. The videos are edited to look amateur, despite looking really cool.

The outfits are beautiful and the photos are sassy and daring.

And now… THE VIDEOS!



I want comments about this!!! Before you go to Agent Provocateur’s website to see the other videos


Fresh Fresh Fresh | Backless Pants

21 Mar

Well sometimes fashion designers exaggerate a little when they try to “think outside the box”, “be different” and create a trend. These are the freshly new backless pants. They are sober in the front and a party animal in the back… And the best part of it? It’s for guys!

I think I don’t have an opinion about this yet… But at first glance my reaction was “WTF!?!”

If you are the undecided type these “pants” will probably be good for you – Pants in the front and short-shorts in the back! No more indecision. Cool, huh?

What do you think about this “new thing”? Is it going to sell?


Karen Walker | Sunglasses

16 Mar

Karen Walker Spring/Summer collection 2011

This is the Karen Walker’s sunglasses collection. It’s colorful and daring. It mixes modern patterns with old one’s, like the round shaped glasses, that are associated to John Lennon.


The sunglasses are cool, but my question is: Why can I see the reflection of the photography set on it? It is supposed to be cool?

By the way, i love the last ones, the orange!


Setareh Mohtarez | The Universe in your clothes

15 Mar


Only for men | Women Magnet!!!

13 Mar

Hi guys!

This post was made just for you. Everyone knows that guys care about what they wear and how they look. Nowadays, brands are making a huge effort to know what’s hot at the moment and what’s going to sell. More and more, they are using trend hunters and social media to understand guys and girls, trying to define their style and their fashion sense.

As you may know, us girls, we dress to impress each other. But you guys… You dress to impress us! Maybe brands should start asking us what’s going to sell!

Anyway, I decided to give you a little help in this matter. So I searched a lot in different websites for people, clothes and outfits, colors and trends for this season.


Trench Coats








Shorts/ Sailor style

What to buy:

I hope you like it and I hope it helps you in some way. From now on, you won’t need AXE/LYNX  anymore! :P

A Lot of Colors of Benetton!

11 Mar

Benetton Spring/Summer campaign lives up to it’s essence: Colors.

The pics are just so full of colors and energy that they bring life to billboards on the streets. It makes us beg for summer to come really fast. I had to share it!

So what do you think? Is it feeling like summer already?



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