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Oh my Wool | Fashion Feelings

7 Sep

Woolmark has a new campaign going on that invites users to post their favorite wool looks into one of twelve “Feelings” categories – from “Happy” to “Dark” moods

Basically you just put on some fancy wool clothes, take a tumblr-high-fashion-style-photo and upload it to Woolmark website. Then the visitors gonna vote for the outfits they love and the most “loved” will get a AUD$ 12.000 (aprox  9.000€) holiday & wool experience. How cool and easy is that?

But this is not over yet, if you decide to vote for your favorite, you can win an “Emu Australia” wool prize pack worth AUD $400 (aprox 300€), because every week there’s a prize for voters.
By the way, I must say that love the fact that Woolmark (Merino) supports environment friendly fashion and go for responsible farming. Also the way “Fashion by feelings” campaign motivates people to show off their eco-outfits with proud, by creating an emotional bond between the fashionistas and product/brand.

Like these concepts? Why don’t you take a look at their website or Facebook page?  Who knows, maybe you can win some prize or get some inspirations looking at others’ styles :)

Announcement | Guest Blogger!

2 May

Hi People!

I’m happy to announce that Fash&Mark will have its very first guest blogger, soon!

Stay tunned!

I know you gonna love it!!! But for now it’s Top Secret!

Want some key words?

  • Fashion
  • Awesome blogger
  • Street style
  • Cool outfits
  • New things
  • Never seen on Fash&Mark
  • Can’t wait to show you
  • This is just a teaser
  • You can stop reading this now
  • Still reading?
  • Don’t miss it!
  • Coming soon :P
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