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WTF?! | Teens be crazy too

5 Apr

Do you think you’ve seen and heard it all? Think again! There’s a new trend (can I call it trend?) between teenagers. Picture a tampon. Now imagine a bottle of vodka. Now mix it all! Hard?

German teenage girls found a new way to get drunk faster and to hide the alcohol breath. They insert tampons soaked in vodka in… well you know where… And boys are also using vodka soaked tampons anally, they call it “butt chugging” or “Butt bongs”

The German police are really worried about this. They’re warning the teens, especially girls, on how bad for them this new type of consumption is – it can damage vaginal walls and increase the risk of infection.

Teens are loving the idea of getting alcohol directly into their bloodstream, avoiding breath, spending a lot of money and drinking all night.


(sorry about this WTF?! posts, but i had to share this)

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