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Zombie Boy | How do you judge a book?

26 Oct

 Do you know the zombie guy? The one from Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” music video? The one, who won the Guinness for having tattooed all of his body as a zombie?

Can you imagine him without tattoos?

Like this!

A cosmetic brand used the zombie guy – Rico Genest – on a commercial for its amazing concealer  – Dermablend Professional. Basically, they covered all his tattoos with its products. It’s crazy how they did it!

His reaction : “I think I’m ready to get a job!”

I love the concept of Dermablend campaign “go behind the cover”, the video and, of course, I am amazed by the product coverage capacity. Definitely a Must See!



Behind the Scenes


Now, close your mouth and write us your opinion about this!

Want to know more? Visit Dermablend website  or the Campaign website 

An Angel?

29 Sep

A being of light  was caught on tape in a security camera of a mall in Jacarta – Indonesia.

Words will never be able to express what is seeing in this video. You gotta see this!!! It’s so freaking cool!

What do you think? Do you believe there’s life in other planets?

What is your truth?

Agent Provocateur | Adult Content º

25 Mar

Agent Provocateur’s campaigns for its  A/W 2010 and S/S 2011 collection are almost too sexy for this blog.

The name of this well known lingerie brand says it all and its campaigns really push up the limits.

Besides the photos, they made several videos with the models where they striptease in front of  a camera. The videos are edited to look amateur, despite looking really cool.

The outfits are beautiful and the photos are sassy and daring.

And now… THE VIDEOS!



I want comments about this!!! Before you go to Agent Provocateur’s website to see the other videos


John Galliano was F*(ashion) Fired!

3 Mar

As you may know at this moment, John Galliano, the fashion genius from Dior, was fired.

He was filmed, apparently drunk, at a Parisian bar called “La Perle”, saying that he loved Hitler and insulting some italian and french girls that were with him.

Besides being fired from Dior, he is accused of making anti-semitic remarks, which is punishable by up to six months in prison.

Yesterday (2th March) Galliano apologised for saying on a video jew-hating racism words, but he also said that he was a victim of “verbal harassment” at the bar and a costumer tried to hit him with a chair.

The Oscar winner, Natalie Portman, already close the contract with Dior and refused to associate her name in any way with ex-chief designer of the brand, declaring that she was “deeply shocked and disgusted” by Galliano’s words, and she is a proud Jew.

If you didn’t see the video yet, here it is:

John Galliano before and after this scandal:

Where is your sparkle now, Galli?

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