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Contrex Experience| Pedal to see more…

18 Oct

“Slimming doesn’t have to be boring”

Taking advantage of today’s theme with the Ticklers, take a look at this creative campaign from Contrex.

Contrex is a mineral water brand from Nestlé France, that developed a great viral campaign in order to stimulate the consumption of water.

Basically they mixed water, exercise bikes, and a holographic image of a neon man stripping. The more the girls pedal, the more the neon guys moves around and undress.

Where does the water come in? It’s is strategically placed beside the bikes – Like your exercise partner! Got it?

In the end of the stripping show the message appears ““Bravo, you have burnt 2000 calories”.

The message behind the campaign is “if you want to lose weight, do some exercise and drink water (Contrex of course!). It can be really cool” – nothing new around advertising though. What’s new it’s the creative way a bottled water brand do it – with the interaction of the target on the streets, the hologram and the strip tease.

Still think the strip tease has a hidden message here: strip + exercise + water? Nestlé you’re taking risks! And it seems the target is loving it!


Not Much

11 Jul

Hi People!

As you probably noticed, there’s not much going on in Fash&Mark. Yes, there is a reason for that – Lack of inspiration.

I haven’t found interesting contents to post (despite having a million archives with things to post), I haven’t been feeling like writing and also I’ve been kinda out of this world thinking about… stuff.

To make it up to you and to keep this blog running, today I’ll try to distract you from my absence… I mean… Entertain you with some damn funnyvideos.

These are some of those videos that turn viral on the internet and that, no matter what, make you laugh out loud!

The first one is just a sample of “the character” and it only lasts 28 seconds. The second one is the real thing!

Hope to brighten your day :)

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