What You Need to Live Off the Land

25 Feb

Have you ever wonder if you could be self-sufficient by living off the land?
Do ever wanted to cut on the supermarket bill? Or to be sure your food doesn’t have a million toxic ingredients on it? Are you tired of paying the energy bill that raises every year?

Well, this graph is going to explain you, what you need to accomplish that secret dream.

(click to enlarge and see details)

One Response to “What You Need to Live Off the Land”

  1. Izzy February 25, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    Can’t wait till I have a little piece of land, myself. Although there won’t be any 4 or 2 legged creatures on my land (I’m vegan), I would love to grow all my fruits and veggies – after all, I eat a lot of them!

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