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NYC | The City

11 Feb

I won’t say anything about these pics… just see for yourself!

Ok… maybe 1 thing that defines Manhattan and can’t be on photos: the smell! There are so many fragrances in the air. I don’t think I will be able to put it on words, but I’ll try: it’s a mix of hot dogs, popcorn, perfume, people, cars,fruit… It’s really bizarre, since I’ve never felt anything like that before.

When I went to visit Brooklyn and New Jersey it was completely different, it was like you could ‘smell’ the difference. I felt that something was missing, I felt I was no longer in New York, because Manhattan has this characteristic smell and frenzy of people, which makes you feel like you are really in the desert, when you visit other places in New York.


2 Dec

Because racial differences only exist in adulthood, when you think you grew up… But actually you just got stupid!

Love above all!

Quote of the Day

16 Nov

Let’s Make It

15 Nov

If You Can’t Beat Them…

15 Nov

Hug Them!

Students’ protest against government plans to reform higher education in Bogota, Colombia. Just beautiful :)


Music | This will be our year ♥

5 Sep

As you can see I added on the categories -Music. I’ll start posting inspiring music, that you might like

This song is for everyone: the ones in love, the ones kinda in love, the ones not in love, the ones that don’t even want to think about it, and the ones that simply think this will be their year :)


We are all LIGHT

1 Sep

We’re all Light.

We’re all Love.

We’re all One.

Love is the essence of all. Love is what bounds us together.

Love is living with imperfection: Love yourself with all your flaws; Love others with all their flaws; Love  reality with all its flaws

Open your eyes. Open your soul. Open your mind to…ALL the possibilities

Quote of the Day

1 Jun

Zara | Maxi Skirt

11 May

When my eyes met this skirt, I instantly fell in love! (my fave has to be the orange)

Zara why are you always trying to screw my wallet?

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