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1º Aniversary | Fash&Mark

3 Mar

Sometimes this is a fashion blog

Sometimes this in an anti-fashion blog, against silly empty girls

Sometimes this is a Marketing blog

Sometimes this blog hates marketing’s deceiving campaigns

Sometimes this is an activist blog

Sometimes this is an humanitarian blog just about social causes

Sometimes this is just a blog with cute images

Sometimes this is a blog with meaningful quotes

Sometimes this is an ecological blog

At times it is even a sponsored blog

But every single time it’s a reflection of me!

Happy Birthday Fash&Mark! :)

Thank you!

Thanks to the ones who follow, the ones who read, the ones who just want cute images, the ones who sponsor, the ones who like and dislike when the subject touches their hearts or goes against their beliefs. Also thanks to the ones who are trying to shut down Fash&Mark asking to “cease and desist”.

Paco Peregrín | THE Photographer

30 Mar

Yesterday I found out that I have a favorite photographer! I didn’t even imagine that I could have that!

By chance I found on some Facebook page an astonishing photo with his name on it. I went to his website and…WOW!

Paco Peregrín is such a talented and versatile photographer.  The pics are great! Strong poses, magnificent colors… Everything comes together in such a powerful way! It’s like you can feel the photos!

For your information, I was so overwhelmed that I actually made a fool of myself and send an email to Paco, just to say he was awesome! And you won’t believe this: he answered back, 1min after I sent it! How cool is that? I thought he was really nice, I wasn’t expecting an answer AT ALL! So… Just for that, he has one extra point! =)

Now, no more blabla’s. Just see the photos! It was so difficult to choose which ones to post here. Don’t miss the other ones – check his websites (below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Sorry about the slideshow thing. I had too many photos to show)


What do you think? Hate, like or LOVE?





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